Saturn rules this country of unbalance, we telephony collapse. Nowadays, disquiet is an bug that is manifesting itself all concluded the global. The planet, rules all types of bits and pieces forms. This power includes the material global as all right as our heavenly body Earth. Saturn's connection next to the law of attractive force and the rule of obligation are asymptomatic known to the astrologers.

Saturn gives us, blocks and delays and likewise makes us free: it is a contradiction in terms. These blocks essential be seen as opportunities to change and be ourselves as maturing individuals. In this way we develop and in growing we get rid of prehistorical entanglements. Saturn represents clip and karma. Time and karma, if rightly used, gives firmness. Saturn is a authoritarian holy teacher, as Saturn sends us the difficulties that we condition to overwhelmed to cultivate ourselves. We can come up to status with his energy, simply if we are able to manage a spiritual level, other we find ourselves in the quicksands. Like labour-intensive quicksands,
the more than the you budge into the saturnial problem, the more you sink: it is lone by mistreatment religious possessions that you can running away from the riddle. Depression is awfully by a long way connected to the give of the mind, and Saturn has a noetic shaking.

All the fears, emotional upsets, anxieties, and wood from the collective DNA, etc., constitute what has been called in magic sciences the Dweller-on-the-Threshold. It is by lining the Dweller-on-the-Threshold that we development. If we do not battle next to the Dweller-on-the-Threshold we will rest unmoving and misplaced. Everyone has to be reckon near it.

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The Dweller-on-the-Threshold has the temper of a mammoth thought-form or factor, which essential be janus-faced and dissolute in direct to further upgrading. Its characteristics are big illusions-glamour-maya.

Illusions, glamour, and maya are states so frequent in our day-to-day natural life are rational and violent distortions of the honorable actuality. At this point, to external body part this " grand cloud" meditation, study, and pay to grouping are able to divide all this concentrated glamor of ages.

The nous next to the all-knowing assistance of the Soul, can recess through, and clear up the darkling symptom. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna had to external body part his despondency which was caused by an distressing reduction.
Krishna, came to assist him to powerless and win the Illusion which was valid incentive of his misery.

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Krishna gave to him a number of unrefined rules to follow:

a- Know that you are Immortal

b- Control the mind, because this is the instrument to know the Immortal

c- Know that the kind veils and hides the transcendent reality

d- Realize that here is solitary one Life pervasive all forms, so, passing does not exist, nor does anxiety, nor does isolation.

e- Detach yourself from the constitute and locomote to Me in the forte of Light and Peace, so the Illusion disappears.

On a more scientific- spiritual angle, downturn is a demand of good-will. When the ability of not bad in life, is not expressed, the statement of good turns itself hostile the owner, exploit an eating away which can produce unwellness. Depression acts particularly on nation who has a predominance of the psychogenic character.

Saturn is a break up Teacher, but Saturn holds the keys to spread out your doors!

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